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Spring 2009 Volume 5 Issue 2

The Write Stuff

Spring 2009  Volume 5 Issue 2

A Potpourri of Writing Pointers

It’s more important than ever to make a great impression with your written materials…websites, marketing collateral,  newsletters, articles and even e-mails. Get a competitive edge  with the following tips.

It’s About Them…Not You

“I” and “we” may be the most overused words in marketing material. That’s not good, since your audience’s priority will  always be wanting to know what’s in it for them.

You’ll see a subtle yet important difference when you write for  your audience rather than to it.

  • I provide superlative writing and editing services.
  • Your written materials will be enhanced when you take advantage of my superlative writing and editing services.

The first bullet is all about me, while the second is focused on my potential clients. Which message do you think is more likely to bring me new business?

Less is More

I’ve communicated this message before, but it’s certainly worth repeating. While you care deeply about your product or service, your audience is not as engaged…so the more succinct your written materials are, the better.

  • Get quickly to the point
  • Use reader-friendly bullet points
  • Remove content that’s unnecessary based on an objective party’s opinion

Potential clients are often looking for reasons not to spend money…so sometimes you shoot yourself in the foot if you offer too much for them to contemplate.


This is my acronym–Keep It Simple–because I don’t like “stupid,” which is part of the KISS Principle. Outside of academia, writing should not be used to showcase your vocabulary. Consider the following word sets:

  • missive & letter
  • preclude & prevent
  • allay & alleviate
  • superfluous & unnecessary

The words in each bullet mean the same thing…but the first ones are a bit less common, so they’re more likely to be misunderstood. Use simple language so you don’t “lose” anyone.

Happy spring! If you need a talented, responsive and economical writing or editing resource, please think of me. Visit to learn more and call (619) 291-4645 to discuss your needs.

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