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Answers to Common Questions About My Services

If you have a question that’s not answered here, please reach out to me at or 619-454-2834.

How much do you charge?

This, as you might imagine, is my most frequently asked question — and it’s a bit tricky to answer. I typically don’t work on an hourly basis (unless you insist). I prefer to work on a project basis, so I’ll provide you with a quote after determining the complexity of your project and learning how quickly you need it turned around. I would say most clients are surprised at how affordable my services are.



What is your turnaround time?

That question is best answered with another: when do you need it? I work quickly without sacrificing quality; that comes from my days as a journalist, when I had to meet daily deadlines. In many cases — especially for editing projects — I can provide same-day turnaround.



If you’re not in my industry, how can you write about it?

I believe you’ll get better results working with me than you will if you engage an industry expert who’s not a good writer. I’m a quick study and a skilled interviewer — and I often have a refreshing perspective that will resonate with your target audience. However, if I don’t believe I’m the right fit for your project, I’ll let you know.



Do you write blogs?

Yes! I’ve worked with clients in three ways to create blogs: 1) conducting interviews to gather content, 2) researching content on topics provided to me, and 3) coming up with topics on my own (once I understand the goals for the blog, as well as the appropriate messages and target audience).



Do you do resumes?

I can certainly edit your resume to ensure it reads well and doesn’t contain any typos or grammar errors. Since I’m not an HR expert, I prefer to refer you to someone who is if you require resume writing services.



Will you work on small projects?

Yes! I’ve had clients send me copy as small as sentences or paragraphs to review; the former I usually do for free (unless it gets out of hand) and I recommend running a tab for the latter. I can open a monthly tab for you with a project of any size, and I’ll add to it with other small jobs you send me until the end of the month, when you’ll get one itemized invoice.



Do you work on retainer?

Yes! If you wish to pre-pay for services, we can determine the appropriate amount based on volume and then I’ll subtract from it as I complete each project. I’ll send you a statement at the end of the month listing the projects completed and associated charges, and containing your balance.



What differentiates you from other writer/editors?

Many things, but my background is what makes me unique in this field. My experiences as a journalist, corporate communicator, newsletter writer, and PR professional — and a successful freelancer since 2004 — mean I offer a lot more than strong writing and editing skills. I’m a communications expert, so I can help you craft compelling messages that resonate with your target audience.



Have your feet hit the ground yet since the Chicago Cubs finally won the World Series?

No, I still marvel that it happened! This might seem a little off topic, but my lifelong devotion to the Cubs should tell you a few things about me: I work hard to get results, I value loyalty and I’m an eternal optimist who doesn’t shy away from challenges.



I was without words when it came to applying for the San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce Outstanding Community Service Award. And then I met Adrienne. After spending just a few minutes with her, I knew she was the one to hire to compose my bio and the text. We won the award! Her style of writing and editing is impressive, intellectual and professional.

Joanna Herr Hanks, owner

Herr Photography, Inc.

Adrienne is meticulous and an expert in her field. She’s very focused when she gets engaged in a project and delivers nothing but the best — on time. We’ve used her services multiple times for content editing, press releases, and general editing and proofing of collateral documents. We continue to use her expertise and recommend her to all our friends and clients.

Sanjiv Prabhakaran, CEO/president

Bytes, Inc. (BSi)

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