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Fall 2005 Volume 1 Issue 1

The Write Stuff

Fall 2005  Volume 1 Issue 1

Writing Skills and Business Success

People with strong writing skills are more successful than those who cannot write well…maybe. I’ve never seen a study documenting that writers do better in the business world, but I’ve certainly been witness to plenty of anecdotal evidence supporting that theory.

The importance of writing simply cannot be overstated, and its value starts at the proposal process. Anyone who competes for business by responding to RFPs or creating written documents of any sort that state company capabilities must have the ability to establish differentiation via writing. It’s way too easy for reviewers to set aside poorly constructed submissions–that may even have stronger content–because they are turned off by a perceived lack of professionalism, demonstrated by shoddy writing.

Don’t Join the Crowd

Here are a few writing tips to help you stand out from your competition:

  • Don’t rely on spell check. It only catches misspelled words, not ones that are misused or missing. Ask someone to proof your work.
  • Get organized. Poor organization is the #1 problem for business writers. Plan what you want to say and how you want to say it before you start writing.
  • Be simple. Write to express-not to impress. Use relaxed, conversational style; stay away from dull, wordy prose.
  • Consider your page layout. Break your writing into short sections. Long, unbroken text blocks intimidate and bore readers.
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