The Write Stuff October 2020 Volume 16 Issue 10

Make The Right Choice

The English language is filled with pitfalls for unsuspecting writers. The choices below might come up when you’re creating content — and to maintain credibility you need to make the right ones.

Is it further or farther? If you’re referring to an actual physical distance, the latter is correct; if not, the former is.

  • This issue demands further study.
  • San Diego is farther from Los Angeles than Orange County.

Is it alright or all right? This is an easy one — since alright is not a word.

  • Working from home has always been all right with me.

Is it setup or set up? The former is a noun, while the latter is a verb.

  • This setup is wonderful.
  • How should we set up the room?

Is it passed or past? That depends on whether you want to use the past tense of pass — or are referring to something that belongs to a former time or place.

  • We passed through four states on our childhood car trips from Illinois to Florida.
  • It’s fun to look at photos from the past.

Is it lose or loose? The former is a verb, while the latter is an adjective.

  • No one likes to lose.
  • You’ve lost some weight when your pants are loose.

Is it stationary or stationery? These homonyms have very different meanings.

  • A stationary bike can help you keep in shape.
  • My stationery is made from recycled paper.

If you have any doubts about your word choices, take the time to look up their meanings — so you’re always right.


Think You Know Me?

It was an honor to be featured in Shoutout SoCal, part of the LA-based Voyage Group of Magazines. Learn how my background shaped the person I am today, what my career journey has been like and where I would take someone visiting San Diego here.

Does It Need A Hyphen?

The rules of hyphenation can be challenging, so when in doubt, always check. For instance, midyear is not hyphenated, yet mid-2020 is.

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