The Write Stuff Summer 2010 Volume 6 Issue 3

Some Gifts for You…On My Birthday

Last year I celebrated a “0” birthday, so as August 31 rolls around again, I’m being fairly low key. Instead of receiving presents, I thought I’d give some…a list of writing miscues I’ve recently seen, and how to correct them.

1. Overuse of “as well as.” Those three little words can come in handy, but they’re not always an appropriate substitute for “and.” Remember that less is more.

Wrong: I’ve lived in Chicago, Dallas and San Jose, as well as San Diego.
Right: I’ve lived in Chicago, Dallas, San Jose and San Diego.

2. Focus on the obvious. It always surprises me how many people fail to take the opportunity to engage people with their opening sentence.

Wrong: My name is Adrienne Moch.
Also wrong: Here is my summer newsletter.
Right: Almost anything else that compels readers to continue.

3. Homophone issues. You remember what homophones are;  they’re words that sound the same but have different meanings.

Wrong: I offer complementary consultations.
Right: I offer complimentary consultations.

4. Writing to impress. Choose words that won’t have readers running for a dictionary, or deciding not to finish your material.

Wrong: You have a plethora of reasons to want to write well.
Right: You have many reasons to want to write well.

5. Who’s that? People shouldn’t be referred to by using “that.”

Wrong: The people that read this newsletter are fabulous.
Right: The people who read this newsletter are fabulous.

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