The Write Stuff June 2011 Volume 7 Issue 6

More of My Writing Pet Peeves

Here are some more writing blunders that drive me crazy. Don’t be surprised if you see these all the time; that’s one of the reasons they’re my pet peeves.

1. $5 dollars. There’s no reason to use both a dollar sign and the word “dollars.”

2. First debuted. A debut, by definition, is a “first,” so this is a good example of redundancy.

3. Monetize your services, refine offerings and making valuable connections. This phrase isn’t parallel; “making” should be “make” to be consistent with “monetize” and “refine.”

4. Our customer’s needs. Unless the reference is to one customer, which isn’t typically the case, the apostrophe must be outside the “s” to denote a plural possessive.

5. Highly-regarded. Words that end in -ly aren’t hyphenated when they’re in a modifying position. This is one of those wacky rules of English that’s hard to explain…but it’s a rule nonetheless.

6. Our Business is. While the proper name of your business should be capitalized, the noun “business,” even when it refers to a specific business, should be lowercase.

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